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The Impact of Casual Day in your Beneficiary Community.

Your R10 in action! Featured beneficiary: NAPCP

Several young adults with cerebral palsy received grants from the National Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy (NAPCP), using funding from Casual Day. NAPCP provides a national co-ordinating forum of all activities, for and on behalf of persons with cerebral palsy – and is a national beneficiary of Casual Day.

The recipients of the funding Shaun Campbell, Juan Pierre Stander, Walda Wahl and Judi Van Eck all work at the West Rand Association for Persons with Disabilities protective workshop in Kurgersdorp. They are all from disadvantaged backgrounds, and so were worthy recipients of the assistance which will help them to continue to attend and benefit from the workshop.

Says Casual Day project leader Vanessa du Plessis: “They are only a handful of the thousands of persons with disabilities that benefit from the public donations received by Casual Day. We can say, without a doubt, that Casual Day changes lives. Shaun Campbell received a contribution towards his accommodation at the Roy Martin residence. Juan Pierre Stander and Walda Wahl were assisted with fees. Judi Van Eck was helped with transport fees.”

NAPCP focuses specifically on the needs of persons with cerebral palsy. The organization renders services to persons with cerebral palsy at grass roots level by affiliated organizations, workshops, projects and special needs schools. A wide variety of services are delivered, including special education, workshops, clinics, social and vocational counseling, residential care, transport and independent living.

According to NAPCP chairperson Prof Faith Bischof, the organisation’s mission is to prevent the occurrence of cerebral palsy and to enable persons with cerebral palsy to attain their maximum level of independence and integration into the community. “NAPCP is grateful for funds it receives from Casual Day as they assist our organisation to provide grants to children and adults with cerebral palsy and provide incentives to our top affiliates who sell Casual Day stickers. Our affiliates sold 152 000 stickers last year, which amounts to R1.52 million.”

“The global incidence of CP has not decreased and it is still estimated to be two per 1000 live births. The causes may be prenatal, peri-natal or post-natal and there are many. Maternal infection is one prenatal cause. Peri-natal causes include lack of oxygen around the time of birth. Prematurity is a risk factor for cerebral palsy. Post-natal causes include neonatal meningitis.”

The new Casual Day theme has been announced and organisations are already planning for Friday 2 September.

Up Your Game for Persons with Disabilities.

Keep the flag flying to show your commitment to improving the world for persons with disabilities. Whatever you do, don’t let the side down.

You can contact the organisers of the project on 011 609 7006 or visit our website at

The funds are raised as a result of a R10 donation for a Casual Day sticker.

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