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Taryn is a vivacious young woman who lives her life to the full in Johannesburg. Blessed with a determined and bubbly personality, no challenge from her cerebral palsy (or anything else for that matter) has kept her down very long.
Diagnosed with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy (CP) as a toddler, Taryn has faced all the challenges of living with CP with the loving support of her parents, brother and twin sister. Cerebral palsy is a large umbrella-term used to describe a variety of physical and mental challenges that will affect each person in different ways.  No two people with CP will experience the same challenges.

Taryn had numerous surgeries between the ages of five and 12 to improve her mobility and reduce the spasticity in her body. She took her first very shaky steps just before she turned six years old – these were the steps that would start her on a journey towards independence despite her disability.  

As an adult she lives an independent life, has a full time job, a very busy social calendar and drives a car. Taryn dedicates some of her time to encouraging young girls and women with CP to be the best they can be and motivates them to strive for independence just as she has done.  

She also spends time with parents of cerebral palsied children encouraging them during their times of stress and heartache regarding their child’s disability.

In her spare time Taryn loves to read, shop and spend time with those close to her. She enjoys travelling around South Africa visiting the smaller, lesser known, parts of the country. A visit to the driving range is also one of her more enjoyable pastimes.

Recognising that knowledge is power, she works hard to educate people about CP and how it affects those who have it and the people closest to them in order to challenge the stigma attached to the condition one person at a time.

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