Raise funds for Casual Day & Your School as part of our NEW Schools Programme!

Casual Day is an annual event that takes place on the first Friday of September each year – this year it’s on Friday 7 September. Schools show their support for persons with disabilities by participating as a team in Casual Day. First, you need to appoint a co-ordinator or become a co-ordinator – you can be a ptincipal, teacher or a learner.

As the Casual Day ambassador at your school, you will ensure that the management of the school, governing bodies, learners and parents are fully behind your efforts. You will order and receive our free pack of Casual Day essentials (see below), which will be couriered to you in a handy kit. You will distribute these materials to your team, make sure the posters are put up and that your friends and fellow learners get their stickers.

Everyone at the school is encouraged to follow the theme, wearing the official sticker to indicate their support for persons with disabilities. Your school orders stickers from us on consignment. For every R10 sticker sold, your school keeps R2 of the donation (your school makes 20% on all sticker donations). After Casual Day you simply return any unused stickers to our offices and deposit 80% of the money you have raised in our Casual Day account. It will also be your responsibility to collect the R10 donations from each person who receives a sticker from you. You will also receive the money for the limited-edition items available for a donation. All admin forms are supplied in order to streamline the distribution and collection process.

★ Click here to contact Josephine our friendly Schools Liaison to sign your school up for the Schools Programme today! Or Call 011 609 7006

It’s that simple! You can also order a special limited-edition Casual Day items. This year we have Navy Golf Shirts, Caps and Bucket hats to get everyone into the spirit of being an EVERYDAY HERO with persons with disabilities




Never participated before?

Before registering with us to become a Casual Day co-ordinator, please get permission from management to relax dress codes and promote the project. Click here to contact us for more info.