Scandal! to pay tribute to persons with disabilities on Casual Day’s Scandal! will add another element to its repertoire – that of Casual Day ambassador. Casual Day – which raises funds for the disability sector in South Africa – will feature in the Scandal! episode that airs on Friday, 1 September.

South Africans are encouraged to participate in Casual Day by buying a Casual Day sticker and other branded merchandise to fund organisations that support persons with disabilities. Casual Day – which is administered by the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) – is a fundraiser in the disability sector, and has been running for 23 years. This year, the theme is ‘celebrate diversity with persons with disabilities’.

Scandal! producer, Ilse van Hemert, says, “The featuring of Casual Day on Friday, 1 September was in line with Scandal!’s mandate from to speak to all aspects of South African life and to touch the imaginations of all South Africans.”

She adds, “It is important that, as the entertainment industry and content creators, we reflect on the stories we make and the responsibility we have to reflect the diversity of South Africa.”

Therina Wentzel, national director of the NCPD, says the support of players in the creative industries and media in building awareness of persons with disabilities is vital in establishing an inclusive society.

“This work is incredibly important if we are going to shift the perceptions of South Africans and build a world where everyone is able to enjoy equal freedoms, and have access to social and economic opportunities,” adds Wentzel. “We salute the work that is being done on shows such as Scandal! and are grateful for the visibility they are creating around Casual Day this year.”

Actress Natasha Sutherland, who plays Layla on Scandal!, concludes, “I think that diversity needs to be looked at not just as something that we tolerate or accept, but as something we applaud. I believe that all of us are here for a reason – we have a purpose, and that includes everyone; in all shapes and forms.”

Casual Day raises funds that reach over 500 schools and about 90 NGOs. Each year, funds raised from Casual Day sticker and merchandise sales benefit 39 000 people directly, while close to three million people benefit indirectly.

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Hi, I’m Able the Casual Day mascot and ambassador for disability. I encourage you to see the ABILITY in people and not the dis-ABILITY. We’re all able, we can all live our fullest lives if the barriers are removed. Join me each year, on the first Friday of September and raise funds to support organisations that render services in the field of disability. This year Casual Day falls on Friday, 7 September. Your donation of R10 for a sticker makes a difference and improves lives all across South Africa.

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