QASA Spearheading Driving Ambitions Project

The Impact of Casual Day in your Beneficiary Community.

Your R10 in action! Featured beneficiary: QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA)

Your R10 helps persons with mobility impairment drive.

In its first year the Driving Ambitions programme has allowed 30 people who thought they would never drive, to use a motor vehicles and become mobile. Of these, 18 are working – they were not working before. QASA is also a national beneficiary of Casual Day and people who bought their R10 sticker should know that part of their donation goes to support this project.

That’s the word from Ari Seirlis, CEO of QASA, the organisation that is spearheading the project. QASA is a co-ordinating organisation that strives to prevent spinal cord injury, as well as protect and promote the interests of people with mobility impairments by formulating a national policy and strategy, to develop and ensure the full potential and quality of their lives.

Driving Ambitions is the driver training programme providing opportunities for persons with disabilities who need adaptations on a vehicle in order to drive.

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Hi, I’m Able the Casual Day mascot and ambassador for disability. I encourage you to see the ABILITY in people and not the dis-ABILITY. We’re all able, we can all live our fullest lives if the barriers are removed. Join me each year, on the first Friday of September and raise funds to support organisations that render services in the field of disability. This year Casual Day falls on Friday, 7 September. Your donation of R10 for a sticker makes a difference and improves lives all across South Africa.

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