Now more than ever, NGOs must be embraced

Opinion piece by Therina Wentzel, the National Director of the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities.

In a troubled year, it is more important than ever that we help those who help others

We’re halfway through 2017, and already this year will be remembered as the one when government became an incapable partner to society.

The state and its ability to effectively deliver services have been torn apart by cronyism, greed and corruption. Adding to the bad news is the fact the economy is now in recession.

Its descent into a kind of uncaring paralysis has been carefully documented over the past few years.

Development of rural artists with disabilities to showcase their talents

The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) is helping to develop rural artists with disabilities through a […]


Support Casual Day and Raise money for your school

Youth Day was an important day where the young people of this country celebrate their power to change the world. […]


Casual Day helps rural schools for learners with disabilities to help themselves

South African schools for learners with disabilities face many challenges, including the ongoing need for funding for crucial but expensive specialist equipment such as hearing and walking aids and braille machines. Where city institutions may struggle, the difficulties are compounded for schools in rural areas. As a result, cashstrapped educational institutions for learners with disabilities rely greatly on fundraising. The Casual Day national campaign managed by the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) has provided rural schools for children with disabilities in Limpopo with a working formula to raise funds for their operations and to buy the resources they need for their learners.


Casual Day – when what you wear says the most about you

Deciding what to wear to work can be really stressful – but for one day of the year, the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities is going to make it easy for you. On the first of September 2017, people across South Africa will demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity and equity – just by buying a Casual Day sticker and advertising their support for human rights for all.

The theme for this year’s Casual Day – observed on the first Friday of September – is “Celebrate Diversity with Persons with Disabilities”.

The idea behind the theme is to use the joy and celebration of Casual Day to help the whole nation to focus on the need for every individual to work to create an inclusive and equitable society.

The Casual Day sticker is not just a sticker – it is an entry to becoming part of a puzzle of thousands of active South African citizens committed to the empowerment and upliftment of persons with disabilities.


A Successful 2016! Campaign Wrapup

The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities sincerely thanks everyone big and small for your involvement in our 2016 Casual Day Campaign.

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, but we believe that it takes an entire nation to build an inclusive society. When we at NCPD called on you to support our campaign to fundraise and drive the message of inclusion, you answered our call with enthusiasm, generosity and opened your hearts and pockets.

To all our hard working NGOs and beneficiary organisations, we take our hats off to you for running inspired campaigns and engaging activations on and around Casual Day. Thank you for your dedication and passion to the upliftment of the most vulnerable within our society.


International Day for Persons with Disabilities

On 3 December, Edcon hosted this event at the Mall of Africa for raising R3,09million for Casual Day

In commemoration of International Day for Persons with Disabilities, Edcon hosted a celebratory event to at the Mall of Africa for raising R3,09million for Casual Day (South Africa’s leading fundraising initiative for persons with disabilities). The funds were raised through sticker donations by customers at the various Edcon stores during this year and to commemorate the International Day for Persons with Disabilities.


Casual Day Sponsor Edcon Upped Their Game for Disability this Casual Day

The Edcon Group stepped up and spearheaded the Casual Day Up Your Game theme for this year. The National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa Chairperson Mr Mac Mia was invited to join Jet Store CE, Dr Urin Ferndale to celebrate Casual Day with the retail group on Friday, 2 September. The two executives engaged in a meeting while seated in a transparent glass office set up outside Edcon head quarters in Edgardale, Johannesburg. The main conversation was around the changes Edcon and Casual Day would like to implement within their respective environments to ensure an inclusive society for persons with disabilities.


Vodacom Blue Bulls to ‘Up Their Game’ on Casual Day

On Friday, 2nd September the Vodacom Blue Bulls will go head-to-head with the Xerox Golden Lions at Loftus Versfeld for a Currie Cup premier division clash.

The significance of this game is the pledge by the Vodacom Blue Bulls to dedicate the game in honour of South Africans with disabilities and to support the national Casual Day campaign, which takes place on the same day of the match. The 22-year old campaign is celebrated every year to help raise funds and awareness in support of persons with disabilities. The 2016 Casual Day theme, “Up Your Game”, calls on every individual or organisation to donate R10 for their official Casual Day sticker to allow them to gear up in sports attire to support persons with disabilities, and the Vodacom Blue Bulls have more than taken up this challenge…



Casual Day is honoured to welcome this talented young Ambassador! Shéri Brynard is the only person with Down syndrome (normal Trisomy 21) who has a tertiary teacher’s diploma in Educare), without any amendments been made to the course (or special assistance), in the world. Amongst other achievements, she was the recipient of The Presidential Award for people who have made a contribution to the lives of mentally handicapped people in South Africa. She was chosen as the first Shoprite Checkers Woman of the Year in her category, “Young Movers”, in South Africa, with a disability as well as the first winner ever to receive a standing ovation. There were more than 1 400 woman nominated. She truly believes that all people have the ability to choose to make the best of their circumstances and she is the living example of that…