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Lois Strachan always wanted to be a rock singer, but only found the courage to realize her dream after being declared blind at age 21, as a result of childhood onset diabetes. She says she realized she had a choice at that time – to go home and be angry and depressed for the rest of her life, or to go out there and see what life still had to offer her as a blind person.

She used her love of music to help her cope with her blindness and is now a facilitator, motivational speaker and author.

Passionate about communication and leadership development, she assists others with disabilities to participate more actively in the workplace. Lois has a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and Classical Civilisations and an Honours degree in Classical Civilisations. She also has a diploma in practitioner Coaching Skills, a Human Resources qualification from UNISA.

She has worked as an office manager in a marine engineering consultancy and served as District Governor of Toastmasters International, Southern Africa. She is an avid reader, enjoys music, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

She has written a series of children’s books, The Adventures of Missy Mouse, about a blind mouse who uses her other senses to engage with the world around her. She lives in Cape Town with her husband and a houseful of dogs, one of whom is her guide-dog.

“It is natural for someone to feel a little uncomfortable in the presence of a person with a disability. The uncertainty of what to do, what to ask… and what to avoid doing/asking… is largely responsible for this uncertainty,” says Lois. She presents several workshops to sensitise people to the experiences of persons with disability, one of which is How the Bleep Bleep Do You Do That? In the workshop she gives people the opportunity to ask candid questions about how a blind person operates in a sighted world, the tricks and techniques that she uses to help her live a “normal” life, and shares some humorous stories of living life without sight.

To contact Lois visit www.loisstrachan.com

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