Edcon Flash Mob at Park Station for International Disability Rights Day

As National Disability Rights Awareness Month draws to a close, NCPD and its sponsoring partner, Edcon had a special treat in store this Friday (December 1, 2017) for Johannesburg’s early morning commuters!

In line with this year’s Disability Rights Awareness Month (DRAM) and the 2017 Casual Day theme, Celebrating diversity with persons with disabilities, it was a celebration of the diversity that persons with disabilities bring to our communities and our nation. And it gives the people of Johannesburg proof that persons with disabilities belong in the society, commerce and industry.

Park Station in Johannesburg was the stage for a celebratory event that people will talk about for years: a public performance of music, song and dance to show everyone hurrying to catch a train (or to get to work on time) that persons with disabilities are a part of this great, big, wonderful diverse and culturally textured city.

While the event wrapped up Disability Rights Awareness Month in South Africa, it also celebrated the UN International Disability Rights Day (marked around the world on December 3). It’s also an extension of Casual Day 2017 (that took place on September 1), where South African citizens bought Casual Day stickers to support nine associations across the land that work with persons with disabilities in hundreds of centres and schools. On Casual Day NCPD, its affiliates and tens of thousands of South Africans with disabilities call for an end to the marginalisation of persons with disabilities. They advocate for inclusion, equal opportunities, a right to education and a right to employment. These are rights the constitution of the land affords persons with disabilites, but that are often withheld.

The National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) National Director, Therina Wentzel says the event was a very special and spirited way of saying Thank you to the nation for its support of Casual Day. It is another platform to raise awareness around the rights of persons with disabilities. “We rely enormously on Casual Day to give persons with disabilities the assistance and dignity they need and deserve,” she says. “We want to sincerely and heartily thank the nation at one of the busiest spots in our biggest, most vibrant and energetic city. Park Station was the natural choice. It bustles with people from dawn to late at night, and the station is accessible for persons with disabilities.

“Friday morning’s event proves that a person’s disability does not determine his or her character. On Friday, we showed Johannesburg just how vibrant, talented and amazing persons with disabilities are.”

The theme of International Disability Rights Day this year is Transformation Towards a Sustainable and Resilient Society for All with the principle of this theme being a determination to leave nobody behind.

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Hi, I’m Able the Casual Day mascot and ambassador for disability. I encourage you to see the ABILITY in people and not the dis-ABILITY. We’re all able, we can all live our fullest lives if the barriers are removed. Join me each year, on the first Friday of September and raise funds to support organisations that render services in the field of disability. This year Casual Day falls on Friday, 7 September. Your donation of R10 for a sticker makes a difference and improves lives all across South Africa.

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