Daphne Twala – AKA ’4 Fingers Short’


Daphne with her her first published poetry anthology, Purposely Designed.

A poet and dancer who leaves audiences awestruck and inspired, Daphney Twala is a great addition to the Casual Day family.

Hailing from Limpopo, Twala was raised by her mother and spent her childhood with her four siblings. Her journey wasn’t easy growing up, as she was often bullied for her disability by her peers and her community.

Poetry and writing became her creative outlet and a way to express her feelings. “It was an escape from all the prejudice and the discrimination I faced,” she explains. “I moved to Middelburg in 2007 to stay with my sister because the community around Tafelkop had a problem with my disability.”

The Middelburg community wasn’t supportive either, and eventually they had to move again. Despite these challenges, Twala stayed passionate about her education and civil engineering. She applied to different colleges, but had no luck.

This all changed in 2012, when Julian Raphasha & Associate Civil Consulting engineering firm offered her a position as a technician intern and she had the opportunity to work on some “incredible houses”.

Her career grew from strength to strength, and the next milestone came when Media24 sponsored her to embark on media studies and she obtained a journalism qualification.

Twala didn’t stop there – she went on to successfully co-host at Greater Middelburg FM radio and was a keynote speaker at a Casual Day event.

She is especially passionate about equal rights for persons with disabilities in South Africa and the region.

Currently a job placement officer at the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities, Twala’s first love has always been poetry and, this year, she had the chance to take part in the in a diversity concert hosted by University of South Africa.

She also recently published her first poetry anthology, Purposely Designed. We’re excited to see what this ambitious and multitalented woman does next and are delighted to have her on board!

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