Meet Our Ambassadors


Casual Day is honoured to welcome this talented young Ambassador! Shéri Brynard is the only person with Down syndrome (normal Trisomy 21) who has a tertiary teacher’s diploma in Educare), without any amendments been made to the course (or special assistance), in the world. Amongst other achievements, she was the recipient of The Presidential Award for people who have made a contribution to the lives of mentally handicapped people in South Africa. She was chosen as the first Shoprite Checkers Woman of the Year in her category, “Young Movers”, in South Africa, with a disability as well as the first winner ever to receive a standing ovation. There were more than 1 400 woman nominated. She truly believes that all people have the ability to choose to make the best of their circumstances and she is the living example of that…

Taryn Zoe-Gurr

Taryn is a vivacious young woman who lives her life to the full in Johannesburg. Blessed with a determined and bubbly personality, no challenge from her cerebral palsy (or anything else for that matter) has kept her down very long …


Lois Strachan

Lois Strachan always wanted to be a rock singer, but only found the courage to realize her dream after being declared blind at age 21, as a result of childhood onset diabetes. She says she realized she had a choice at that time – to go home and be angry and depressed for the rest of her life, or to go out there and see what life still had to offer her as a blind person.


Lefa Manamela

Lefa Manamela, Miss Deaf SA 2013, was born in Dikebu in the North West and now lives in Pretoria. She represented South Africa at the Miss Deaf World Pageant in July 2014 and was nominated First Princess at the Miss Deaf Africa 2015 pageant.


Junior Mavuso

Junior Mavuso, who lost his left leg below the knee in a car accident when he was three years of age. He received a prosthesis from Jumping Kids in 2010 and has since gone one to set a new SA record of 4.74 m in the F44 long jump for gold at the 2014 Nedbank National Championships.


Simba Gozo

“You have probably heard about the level headed gentleman who is polite and loves to partake in intellectually captivating activities… that’s not me,” says Simba Gozo. “I’m LOUD, brazen and fun.”


Nonhlanhla “Adoword” Ntuli

Nonhlanhla “Adoword” Ntuli is a Johannesburg-based television presenter, professional speaker, and Psychology student at Unisa. She believes that one chooses what they can and cannot do hence her brand signature “where there’s a wheel there’s a way”. Founder of MD: Adoword Motivation and Life Coaching Projects, she visits schools and organizations to motivate youth to work towards achieving their own dreams. Her television work includes Geleza Nathi.


Benedictor Mokoena

Benedictor Mokoena is a law student at the University of Pretoria. As a teenager, she suffered a spinal chord injury and is now a prime example of someone living with a disability defying the odds, despite challenges she encountered as a disabled learner attending a mainstream school. During her Grade 11 year that she became involved with the Girls and Boys Education Movement – an initiative by UNICEF encouraging learners to become active social change makers in their community.


KG Montjane

South Africa’s number one wheelchair woman’s tennis player, Kgothatso (KG) Montjane, was born in 1986 with a congenital birth defect leaving her no alternative but to have her left leg amputated below the knee.


Adri Visser

Paralympic swimmer Adri Visser was born in 1988 without hands and missing a lower leg, as a result of German measles during her mother’s pregnancy. Two of her career highlights include competing in the Paralympic Games in Beijing in 2008 and the 6th IPC World Swimming Championships in Canada 2013.

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