Casual Day Theme

Because we believe in a world where everyone belongs and is valued, and we know you believe in this too, we have come up with an all-inclusive theme for this year:


Celebrate Diversity gives you the chance to show us who you really are, and what you celebrate most. Your national dress? Your favourite soccer team? Your fabulous stylish sense of fashion? The trick is to do it all with a splash of green, to remind us of summer grass, positive growth, hope and fun, and enjoying who we all are. Let’s celebrate our diversity!

Yes, we will have stickers; yes, we will have ambassadors; yes, we will have fun and you can go all the way to show society you care and they can too. We can all grow a deeper understanding of our world, which includes persons with disabilities.


Casual Day is a project centered around inclusion and equity for persons with disabilities.

A key goal of Casual Day is to build a society that not only embraces diversity but actively celebrates it. The constitution of South Africa enshrines the rights of all people in our country and affirms the democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom.

The NCPD hopes that able-bodied and disabled South Africans acknowledge and fully engage with each other, not just for a day but on an on-going daily basis creating a culture of respect and appreciation for persons with disabilities.

This year we challenge South Africans from all walks of life to celebrate our differences and embrace each other for our uniqueness and significance. By buying your Casual Day sticker you are part of a puzzle of thousands of active South African citizens committed to the empowerment and upliftment of persons with disabilities.

Our colour for 2017 is a vibrant, grassy green – the colour of new life, renewal, vitality and harmony. Fresh green is also associated with Springtime which is when the big event happens.


Click here for ideas on what to wear and do on Casual Day

If it’s gorgeous or if its growing or glowing as long as its green and makes the world know who you are! Dress to show off your uniqueness and give it a go in something fresh and green!


Remember that your most important accessory on Casual Day is your STICKER – available this year in 5 bright puzzle pieces.

This year we have an exciting range of Merchandise to go with your Casual Day stickers. These include Kids Shirts, Adult Shirts, Caps and Bucket Hats! Get your orders in early! These are bound to be popular and are we expect them to be arriving end of February 2017!