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Edcon Flash Mob at Park Station for International Disability Rights Day

As National Disability Rights Awareness Month draws to a close, NCPD and its sponsoring partner, Edcon had a special treat […]

Thank You South Africa for Celebrating Diversity with us

South Africans love to have fun and they love it even more if it means when they are giving back to communities and building society.

“This year was an exceptional year for Casual Day, the whole country seemed to be dressed in green or wearing a sticker,” says Therina Wentzel, the national director of the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD).

“Thank you South Africa for your incredible support of Casual Day on September 1,” says Wentzel. “Casual Day cannot exist without the love of the people of South Africa coming out in their hundreds of thousands across the country to show their support. It is a very special day indeed, thank you for showing your hearts and for celebrating diversity with persons with disabilities.”

The NCPD hosts the annual Casual Day fundraiser, which is SA’s largest and most popular event of its kind in the disability sector. All the funds that are raised on Casual Day, go to support the needs of persons with disabilities directly benefitting 40 000 people while indirectly benefitting as many as 3-million people.

The theme this year was Celebrate diversity with persons with disabilities, says Wentzel. “It is an important idea we wanted South Africans to think about on a day that has become associated with doing something fun for a great cause.

“Creating an inclusive society starts where persons with disabilities are seen and celebrated as being part of this country’s wonderful diversity and strength,” she says.


Scandal! to pay tribute to persons with disabilities on Casual Day’s Scandal! will add another element to its repertoire – that of Casual Day ambassador. Casual Day – which raises funds for the disability sector in South Africa – will feature in the Scandal! episode that airs on Friday, 1 September.

Scandal! producer, Ilse van Hemert, says, “The featuring of Casual Day on Friday, 1 September was in line with Scandal!’s mandate from to speak to all aspects of South African life and to touch the imaginations of all South Africans.” She adds, “It is important that, as the entertainment industry and content creators, we reflect on the stories we make and the responsibility we have to reflect the diversity of South Africa.”

Therina Wentzel, national director of the NCPD, says the support of players in the creative industries and media in building awareness of persons with disabilities is vital in establishing an inclusive society.”This work is incredibly important if we are going to shift the perceptions of South Africans and build a world where everyone is able to enjoy equal freedoms, and have access to social and economic opportunities,” adds Wentzel. “We salute the work that is being done on shows such as Scandal! and are grateful for the visibility they are creating around Casual Day this year.”


Casual Day welcomes Brad ‘ThaCutt’ Tapinos as ambassador

Award-winning turntablist and DJ Brad “ThaCutt” Tapinos is one of our brand new Casual Day ambassadors.

A successful musician living with muscular dystrophy, Tapinos has pursued his passions and cemented his spot in the local music industry.

In 2012, he participated in the Red Bull Thre3style Championships and won. By this stage, he had already clinched two SA DMC (Disco Mix Club) Championship titles. Running since 1985, the DMC Championships are considered one of the most prestigious turntablist competitions in the world – and Tapinos has already represented South Africa twice!

Tapino is also affiliated with MTV Base, and has been selected as the official scratch DJ for the global music lifestyle channel.


QASA paves pathway to opportunities for persons with disabilities with Casual Day

If your daily commute to work forces you be in traffic for hours or to elbow your way into an overcrowded public transport, you probably need little convincing about the importance of good quality transport. Now, imagine your frustration if you are mobility impaired too.

For many persons with disabilities, this is not fiction, but a real daily struggle.

Much of South Africa’s public transport system remains completely off-limits for persons with disabilities. When transport is available it is difficult to use and often expensive, turning even the shortest trip into a nightmare.

The QuadPara Association of South Africa’s (QASA) has leveraged its participation in Casual Day – South Africa’s annual corporate social investment initiative – to provide a pathway of opportunity that will help them protect and further the interests of quadriplegics and paraplegics.


Nonhlanhla “Adoword” Ntuli

Nonhlanhla “Adoword” Ntuli is a Johannesburg-based television presenter, professional speaker, and Psychology student at Unisa. She believes that one chooses what they can and cannot do hence her brand signature “where there’s a wheel there’s a way”. Founder of MD: Adoword Motivation and Life Coaching Projects, she visits schools and organizations to motivate youth to work towards achieving their own dreams. Her television work includes Geleza Nathi.


Daphne Twala – AKA ’4 Fingers Short’

A poet and dancer who leaves audiences awestruck and inspired, Daphney Twala is a great addition to the Casual Day family.

Hailing from Limpopo, Twala was raised by her mother and spent her childhood with her four siblings. Her journey wasn’t easy growing up, as she was often bullied for her disability by her peers and her community.

Poetry and writing became her creative outlet and a way to express her feelings. “It was an escape from all the prejudice and the discrimination I faced,” she explains. “I moved to Middelburg in 2007 to stay with my sister because the community around Tafelkop had a problem with my disability.”


7de Laan is celebrating diversity with Casual Day this year

From the very beginning, 7de Laan was like no other South African TV show.

Here, for the first time, audiences were given the Hillside community; a cast of Afrikaans-speaking characters from all walks of life. From across all race groups the characters lived together and told the stories of life in South Africa’s young democracy.

“At its very heart 7de Laan is about diversity, and has been from episode one. The creators and producers of the show made a very conscious decision to create a new kind of television show that was inclusive and that showed audiences new ways to imagine relationships,” says Frances Maposa, 7de Laan’s line producer.


Remember friends, on Casual Day, Friday 1 September your most important accessory is your official Casual Day STICKER! Here are […]


Now more than ever, NGOs must be embraced

Opinion piece by Therina Wentzel, the National Director of the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities.

In a troubled year, it is more important than ever that we help those who help others

We’re halfway through 2017, and already this year will be remembered as the one when government became an incapable partner to society.

The state and its ability to effectively deliver services have been torn apart by cronyism, greed and corruption. Adding to the bad news is the fact the economy is now in recession.

Its descent into a kind of uncaring paralysis has been carefully documented over the past few years.

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