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  • Disability rights are human rights!

    Kempton’s Nonhlanhla Ntuli is an activist for equity this Casual Day and every day.

    When she was 11 years old, Nonhlanha Ntuli was travelling with her parents when the family was involved in a partial head-on collision. Both her mom and dad escaped with minor injuries, but Nonhlanhla was flung forward in the car, and her spine was crushed. She’s been in a wheelchair ever since.

    Now 27-year-old Nonhlanhla is happily married to Clint (a registered dietician who she met in 2010), and the couple are proud parents to Pascale, a delightful 7-month-old baby girl. The family lives in Kempton Park.

    Casual Day is a big day every year in the family’s life. Always held on the first Friday in September, Casual Day asks South Africans to buy a Casual Day sticker, dress according to theme, and be part of a growing call for equity and universal access to human rights.

    The 2018 Casual Day theme is Be an Everyday Hero with Persons with Disabilities. It’s a theme that Nonhlanhla feels very strongly about because, she says, persons with disabilities are the real heroes in the world. “We’re just so much stronger than average people. We have to be. We need to get on in a world that’s not made for us, and that excludes us.”…

    An everyday hero radio news editor who understands the heart of our nation

    “Human beings are the ultimate team players. We all impact on the lives of others.”

    If anyone is qualified to give an accurate diagnosis on what makes South Africans tick, it’s Rhulani Baloyi. She’s been a radio news editor these last ten years, and is living proof this Women’s Month that women are up to any challenge when they’re given a fair opportunity to prove themselves.

    Rhulani was born with a severe visual impairment. By the time she was a little girl, she’d lost her sight completely. She has been blind most of her life (and all of her adult life). Yet she’s a dedicated, driven news editor. And she’s a Casual Day 2018 ambassador.

    Rhulani’s typical day start at 4am. She clocks off at around lunch time. She’s written and edited literally tens of thousands of news stories on all manner of issues and topics. In fact, if you turn on the radio to listen to the news, you’re probably tuning in to the work Rhulani does in the background, behind the microphone. She loves her job.

    The reason she’s been able to do this, Rhulani says, is because she’s been brilliantly accommodated by her employer, the SABC. Often, she says, people think first of what persons with disabilities cannot do. Her employer has thought first of what she can do, and has set up the workplace to enable her to be fully productive. This has made all the difference and has allowed her to build a career as one of the best radio news editors in the land…

Impact Stories

  • QASA paves pathway to opportunities for persons with disabilities with Casual Day

    If your daily commute to work forces you be in traffic for hours or to elbow your way into an overcrowded public transport, you probably need little convincing about the importance of good quality transport. Now, imagine your frustration if you are mobility impaired too.

    For many persons with disabilities, this is not fiction, but a real daily struggle.

    Much of South Africa’s public transport system remains completely off-limits for persons with disabilities. When transport is available it is difficult to use and often expensive, turning even the shortest trip into a nightmare.

    The QuadPara Association of South Africa’s (QASA) has leveraged its participation in Casual Day – South Africa’s annual corporate social investment initiative – to provide a pathway of opportunity that will help them protect and further the interests of quadriplegics and paraplegics.

    Development of rural artists with disabilities to showcase their talents

    The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) is helping to develop rural artists with disabilities through a […]

    Support Casual Day and Raise money for your school

    Youth Day was an important day where the young people of this country celebrate their power to change the world. […]

  • Casual Day helps rural schools for learners with disabilities to help themselves

    South African schools for learners with disabilities face many challenges, including the ongoing need for funding for crucial but expensive specialist equipment such as hearing and walking aids and braille machines. Where city institutions may struggle, the difficulties are compounded for schools in rural areas. As a result, cashstrapped educational institutions for learners with disabilities rely greatly on fundraising. The Casual Day national campaign managed by the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) has provided rural schools for children with disabilities in Limpopo with a working formula to raise funds for their operations and to buy the resources they need for their learners.

    Casual Day: Impact on disability policy and legislation

    Casual Day is a project that raises funds for services for persons with disabilities. The project is also involved in influencing the government’s policy and legislation framework around disability through its parent organization, the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa (NCPPDSA). Last year, the NCPPDSA contributed to the process of the development of the White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In addition, they participated in the review of the White Paper on Social Welfare Services.

    Casual Day brings joy to ‘our wheelies’

    As National Child Protection Week kicks of today, Casual Day has more good news about the impact that the funds raised by the campaign are having in communities all over South Africa. Wheelchair swings and a round-about custom-designed for learners in wheelchairs were recently installed at the campus of Basizeni Special School in eMbalenhle, Evander, in Mpumalanga Province, bringing much joy and pleasure to the learners.

  • Romano gets a new wheelchair

    Imagine experiencing the joy of comfortable mobility for the first time in your life? Imagine being a person with severe cerebral palsy and being able to say goodbye to old broken chair held together by string? Romano Marthinus no longer needs to use his imagination: he has received a special wheelchair customised to support him.

    Their happy faces say it all!

    Several young adults with cerebral palsy received grants from the National Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy (NAPCP), using funding from Casual Day. NAPCP provides a national co-ordinating forum of all activities, for and on behalf of persons with cerebral palsy – and is a national beneficiary of Casual Day.

    According to NAPCP chairperson Prof Faith Bischof, the organisation’s mission is to prevent the occurrence of cerebral palsy and to enable persons with cerebral palsy to attain their maximum level of independence and integration into the community. “NAPCP is grateful for funds it receives from Casual Day as they assist our organisation to provide grants to children and adults with cerebral palsy and provide incentives to our top affiliates who sell Casual Day stickers. Our affiliates sold 152 000 stickers last year, which amounts to R1.52 million.”

    Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

    “Not only are children with disabilities more vulnerable to abuse, but they are also faced with some severe challenges to access justice in instances where they have been abused,” says Therina Wentzel, National Director of NCPPDSA.

    “Many children with various types of disabilities experience great difficulties to give testimony in court and are even under more pressure to withstand the rigours of cross-examination. The inability of children to testify to the satisfaction of the courts means that their testimonies do not support the prosecution’s case with the result that the cases are thrown out of court or not-guilty verdicts are reached with the perpetrators walking free,”

  • NCPPDSA: Wheelchairs for Africa

    More than 100 children received the gift of mobility last year, thanks to funds raised through the Casual Day campaign.

    The National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA (NCPPDSA) helped to change the lives of children from Limpopo to the Eastern Cape by securing and facilitating the donation of 80 wheelchairs for children with disabilities in special schools.


    Alma School, a school for learners with disabilities in Pretoria, has been named as the top performer in last year’s Casual Day campaign in Gauteng, raising donations of R242 666. According to Zirke Bondesio, the school’s principal since 1985, severe intellectually disabled children are guided and assisted to reach their full potential and live with dignity. The school relies greatly on donations and sponsorships to ensure sustainability as many of parents of many learners are unable to pay school fees…

    Special education for Tshilidzini learners

    Education is a major focus of many of Casual Day beneficiary organisations, not least Casual Day’s star performer Tshilidzini Special School (TSS) in Shayandima, Thoyohandou, an area outside Polokwane in one of South Africa’s poorest provinces, Limpopo. TSS has consistently raised more sticker donations than any other single participating grassroots organisation in the country over many years…

  • Casual Day Merchandise made by Persons with Disabilities, APD Nelson Mandela Bay

    The Casual Day project of the National Council of Persons with Physical Disabilities procured 15 000 golf shirts and Caps from APD, Nelson Mandela Bay. The golf shirts are designed, produced and screen printed by involving persons with disabilities according to their abilities in all aspects of production line. Watch video …

    Casual Day funds research on children with disabilities

    “Child disability is a neglected and serious national problem, yet the scale of the problem is not documented and hence not represented on a policy and services level,” says Therina Wentzel, National Director of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa (NCPPDSA) …

    QASA Spearheading Driving Ambitions Project

    The Impact of Casual Day in your Beneficiary Community. Your R10 in action! Featured beneficiary: QuadPara Association of South Africa […]